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Etsy Shop Sales Benefit
Communities for a Better Environment

TWENTY percent of ALL sales made in the Love Earth Now Etsy shop 
through August 2020 will be donated to CBE. 

Recent events have made us all more aware of the serious injustices that people of color face in this country. The burden of pollution also falls more heavily on communities of color where factories spewing waste are more likely to be sited.
That’s why we’re donating to Communities for a Better Environment, one of the nation’s preeminent environmental justice organizations. ❤️?

?? Need a subtle hint for someone resisting masks? See our selection of Love Earth Now books gift-wrapped in eco-friendly, thrift store scarves** aka face coverings. All shipped with NO plastic packaging. 

**All scarves are thrift store finds, sold as-is.** ❤️?

More about Communities for a Better Environment
“CBE provides residents in blighted and heavily polluted communities with organizing skills, leadership training and legal, scientific and technical assistance, so that they can successfully confront threats to their health and well-being.”

*I am not affiliated with Communities for a Better Environment. 

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Book Release Date: January 15, 2018

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