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Human Allies

by A Clear Vision on September 9, 2018 

Everyday, for the ones of us who are so inclined, we face a barrage of opportunity to support this cause or that, to be involved with another march, another rally, another protest, to sign this petition, to make that call – we are essentially Earth Activists and we simply cannot pretend not to know.

In her debut book, author Cheryl Leutjen, brings to life the internal voice that so many of us find ricocheting in the universe of minds, our very beings. She lovingly slows us down so that we might be for-giving, on so many levels: with ourselves, with the state of affairs, with our humanity – which is forever a journey of the (s)hero.

This book is a must-read for those who consider themselves to be Sacred Activists and Allies of our Big Blue (Green and Brown) Home. In it you will find a soulful ally and an opportunity to re-group and re-ground with everyday anecdotes, reminders, invitations, and nourishing tune-ins. I highly recommend!

Humorous, Insightful, and Practical: Turn Eco-Madness into Eco-Mindfulness

by willwrite4chocolate on May 27, 2019

“Release any expectation of immediate response. Every question that we ask has already been answered.” In her first book, Cheryl Leutjen tackles not only the formidable challenge of saving the Earth, but also the age-old challenge of saving oneself. By revealing her quirks, tendencies, and obsessions through her series of well-written and often chuckle-inducing essays, she allows us the freedom to consider our own. She ends each chapter with an inspiring “Love Earth Invitation” exercise, offering practical guidance for overcoming the mindlessness that plagues our lives—the same mindlessness that endangers our planet. Her book is a gift to Mother Earth and her citizens alike.

A Higher Appreciation

by Goldenroom on March 12, 2019

While most environmental books focus on the beautiful butterfly, a harmonious tree, or a majestic bird, this book opens with a story about ants, who found their way into her home. Yet, she brings so much appreciation for the litter critters. As I read, I’m reminded of my childhood and my love for everything, as I sat in my sandbox playing with ants. What happened to me? This book is a good way to return to that most connected and unafraid mindset; what was right, instead of what was programmed by others.

Salvation in Ecologically Dire Times

by dcergo on February 12, 2018

It’s heartbreaking being aware of just how deep the trouble that the Web of Life is in due to humanity’s devastation inflicted on the Web of Life, heartbreaking at how callously we collectively treat our fellow creatures, great, small, and unseen. Love Earth Now is about facing this heartbreak, the heartbreak that anyone—whether you’ve recently awakened or have faced this reality for decades — feels over what humanity is doing to our beautiful Earth home.

Ms. Leutjen does this with humor and hope and love, without turning away from the hard reality of the condition of our planet. She has helped me lighten my load as I squarely face what we’ve all created for ourselves, and as I continue my own struggle to figure out what it is for me to do to help us change course.

This is not your typical “50 things you can do” book — it’s a memoir of what it’s like to be awake and open to the wrenching reality of living in a society seemingly bent on destruction (including self-destruction), to feel the pain one feels hearing story after story of what we’re doing to the Web of Life, and to face the difficulty of finding the nearly impossible: living sustainably in this unsustainable society.

She offers invitations and meditations that can help you clarify your path, but I found her greatest gift toward the end of the book — a wonderfully unexpected story about giving up, where you reach the point where you can’t go on, you can’t take in any more . . . you can’t just do it anymore.

And then, the salvation that follows. I won’t give away more, but I will treasure the deep wisdom she shared. It has helped me to regroup, even reframe my own life. Her book is a welcome tonic, a welcome drink of sacred water for those of us who deeply care for Earth, humanity, and all our kin within the Web of Life.

Cheryl Leutjen treads a fine line between eco-minded and eco-madness…and we can relate.

by amazonfan on February 2, 2018

Most of us have twinges of eco-guilt at some point or another. Whether it’s about driving our non-hybrid car or letting the water run in the shower until it’s warm enough to step in. We might guiltily accept one of those single use water bottles handed out at events or some other slight upon the planet we commit while cringing and apologizing but are unsure how to avoid. There’s just too many dire consequences to the way most of us live on this planet.

In Love Earth Now, Cheryl Leutjen helps us come to grips with the gap between our great intentions and our human fallibility. Cheryl knows what it’s like to trip over our own Global Footprint and she shares honestly her stories and foibles. She’s funny, smart and human. She allows us to stumble and then find a way to do better when we can. This book is an eco-sanity saver!



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