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“I confess that I buy single-serving spice packets. I’m just not an intuitive cook, and I’ve never mastered the fine art of seasoning. The certainty of having every single ingredient to season the cooking recipe du jour, all in the proper proportion, makes me feel a lot more confident when I pull out the skillet. Sure, I’ve tried the DIY recipes for taco seasoning and kung pao chicken sauce. My family will attest: mine just isn’t the same. Or even…good.

Plus, all those multi-serving condiment bottles that litter the fridge and pantry, the ones that never got used up, taunt me. Remember when you bought fish sauce for that recipe that no one could choke down? Well, why not give me another go?

The half-full bottles smirk. Hoisin sauce, curry paste, ginger sesame marinade . . . they are all in on it. The packets never stick around long enough to harass me. That’s a quality I appreciate in a friend.

With apologies, Earth . . . “

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