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”  “Shop local” isn’t just a trendy catch-phrase; it’s one simple way that any one of us can vote for change with our dollars. Shopping local not only keeps our hard-earned dollars in our neighborhoods; it also fosters stronger communities.”
~Cheryl Leutjen, Interview by Camilla Downs on Meet the Authors

This excerpt from an interview, posted recently on the Meet the Author website, was written before I had any notion of the novel coronavirus. Before I could imagine that visiting a local shop might be impossible for the foreseeable future. Before I ever dreamed that staying home to watch TV could be considered an act of patriotism.

Most of the local shops I frequent are shuttered now, and I fear for their longevity. My family and I used to own and operate a tiny book and gift shop, so I know the razor thin margins. Which inspires me to redouble my efforts to support local business—where and when I can afford. If ordering takeout Thai and drive-by cocktails is what we have to do to support our communities, then I’m willing to make the sacrifice. For my family, community ,and all of EarthKind.

With all that in mind, I invite you to check out the interview. It’s safe for social distancing, sheltering-in-place and the bedroom home office.

In between binging The Gilmore Girls and watching Stella videos, of course. And if you haven’t been watching Stella videos, how are you getting through the day?

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