“Reclaiming my lawn chair, I draw my daughter into my lap, and the floodgates of my heart open. I whispera prayer of blessing, honoring the contributions of each of us . . from the hardworking farmers to the parents feeding supper to their children. I trust that we are all here on purpose, that each of us brings our own message into the world from the Divine. I bless my own resolve to drop the unconsidered judgments fueled by the latest “Act NOW” email blast. I vow to speak from a voice of curiosity first and a place of outrage when warranted by verifiable information. I pledge to sit in peaceful stillness when I lack the knowledge to make an informed judgment. That’s the best I can do here on this night. My daughter squirms in my embrace and I let her loose, along with all my hopes for the world, to light up the dark sky like the flitting fireflies.” #bookexcerpt #LoveEarthNow ?Did you know? The Love Earth Now blog was named one of the Top 100 Eco-Friendly Blogsby Feedspot.com